Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shot in the dark

*This is a pretty boring post, so I encourage you to check out this interesting flash game. It's about combining elements to form more and more complex substances and creatures. A great timesink.

I ought to get the messy introductions out of the way. I'm joe. I have free time, and in this free time, I like to browse the internet. That's all you need to know about that. I'm more of a geek than a nerd (yes, there is a distinction). For example, I know very little about computer science. I can barely put together this blog, and the tiny bits of forum HTML I used to know aren't helping me. I enjoy nerdy pursuits, not the effort required for proficiency. But I still want to learn more someday.

This whole "blogging" thing makes me feel like I'm in high school again. I feel this competitive urge to have a better webzone than my peers, even if we're all on the same side. The goal of all this should be "enriching the internet" but I kind of want to be the best. In hindsight, I should have come up with a definite topic for this blog, rather than left it to "general thoughts". I've always been horrible at creative writing and I'm sure my posts here will only serve to illustrate that. Ah well. There's no better time to try improving.

But yeah, topics. I recently came to the realization that simply posting "my thoughts" is not enough, since I'm sure few of you care. So in case anyone is genuinely interested in reading a blag, I'll try to sort out some kind of a system. For now I will just post whatever I'm thinking about, or anything interesting I find while I scour the interwebs. If you've read this far, I can only hope you are reading my blag at least for a probationary time - I can't promise you won't be disappointed.

Hey look, the world's tiniest stop-motion


  1. Cool video looking forward to more great stuff from you.

  2. Played it for about ten minutes, then got bored. Not a very fun game haha.

  3. imagine how much time it took to make that video.. fuuuu

  4. cool game but only held my attention for a couple minutes looking foward to seeing more